Heavy Machinery

If you have machinery that needs transportation, or you’re part of an industry where heavy machinery transportation is frequent, chat with the team at Hevi Haul. Based in Perth, we provide specialized heavy machinery transport services throughout WA and across Australia. Experienced and reliable, we find innovative and efficient solutions to challenging jobs and projects. As specialized heavy machinery transport professionals, our team guarantees to get your equipment to its destination on time and in prime condition.

Reliable Transport Company in WA, Australia

When it comes to moving heavy machinery and equipment, you need to opt for a logistics team with the skills, capabilities and know-how to get the job done. At Hevi Haul, we’ve got an extensive fleet of well-equipped prime movers, flat top trailers, drop deck trailers and floats able to carry loads over 190 tonnes up to 9.5 metres wide and 55 metres long. Your machinery and equipment are in good hands with Hevi Haul.

Transporting Mining Equipment

For significantly large and heavy pieces of machinery exceeding standard capabilities, including mining equipment, we offer personalized solutions utilizing services from reputable and trusted subcontractors. Our professionals understand the time sensitivity of transportation and complete all moves with maximum safety and efficiency. Able to move loads of all sizes across any distance, we transport heavy and expensive mining equipment with expertise.

Interstate Machinery Transport

Not only operating across Perth and WA, Hevi Haul transports loads right across Australia. From sending machinery and equipment to major eastern cities to making the long journey between the top and bottom of the country, we’ve got you covered for reliable interstate machinery transport.

Traffic Management

Heavy machinery, equipment and oversize loads often take up more space on the road. In order to transport your items with maximum safety and efficiency, we offer end-to-end traffic management services. Our experienced traffic management team anticipates and mitigates problems while maintaining the safety of other road users, the general public and your load.

Critical Machine Transport Services

As experts in heavy machinery transport logistics, we understand that equipment is the backbone of your business. Responsible for maintaining productivity and delivering results, your equipment and machinery needs to be handled with expertise and care. In order to act fast in time-critical situations, we’re able to respond quickly to provide specialized solutions on demand. Don’t compromise your productivity with lengthy delays and waiting times; move your equipment and machinery fast with Hevi Haul.

Our Approach

At Hevi Haul, we’re proud to have become leaders in heavy machinery and equipment transport and logistics. Relied upon by major clients throughout Perth and Australia, we deliver high quality results across any project. Central to our success is our unique and unwavering commitment to transparency in all of our operations and at every level. Our approach ensures clarity, consistency and quality and results in the retention of major clients who choose us for high-level heavy haulage projects across the country.

Heavy Machinery Transport with Hevi Haul

Heavy machinery and equipment transport is a complex job. At Hevi Haul, we make it simple. Our staff have undergone specialized training and follow strict protocols to ensure that all deliveries are completed with precision. As one of few companies specialising in heavy machinery transportation, we take our work seriously. We know that moving big loads can be risky, so we take all precautions and preparations to plan every single job down to the minute details. With thorough preparations and risk management plans, we’re able to minimize complications and adapt quickly to changing circumstances.

Locally WA-owned, we’ve built up strong and lasting relationships with clients throughout Australia and across industries as their heavy machinery transportation company of choice. Specializing in time-sensitive, safe, cost effective and personalized heavy haulage, we strive to maintain your productivity and success with quality logistics services. Our experienced team take the stress out of big jobs and moves, allowing you to focus on business at hand knowing that your transport is taken care of.

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