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Perth-based Suppliers of Heavy Machinery Transport Service

If you have heavy machinery that requires transportation, or work in an industry where transporting heavy equipment is the norm, then look no further than Perth-based Hevi Haul. We provide heavy machinery transport services throughout the country, and pride ourselves on our ability to find solutions to the most difficult jobs. As a specialist heavy machinery transport company, we guarantee to get your equipment to its destination on time and in the same condition that it left in. Contact us today.

Our team

Heavy equipment transport is a complicated industry, but when you work with an experienced and knowledgeable team, you can rest assured knowing that your expensive equipment and machinery are transported safely and securely. All staff members have undergone rigorous training and follow the strictest protocol to ensure delivery is done on time to prevent any project delays.

Our approach

Central to our heavy machinery transport and haulage services is the level of transparency we offer our clients. At all levels of the company, honesty and openness in our transportation dealings is encouraged. It is a necessary endeavour that feeds our aim of exceeding all customer expectations; the amount of return work we get from our many clients is proof that we are succeeding.

Quality you can count on

As one of only a few heavy machinery transportation companies, we take our work and your assets’ safety seriously. And because we know that moving big loads can be risky and dangerous, we take every precaution and plan every job down to the finest detail; these are not jobs that can be rectified easily when problems arise.

Critical machine transport services

Part and parcel of our heavy equipment transport service is to anticipate any problems that could occur, allowing us to react quickly in the event of something going wrong. Providing critical machine transport services is crucial for many industrial companies. We realise the important role your equipment plays in your business, and that timeously transporting of your machinery and equipment is a considerable responsibility. We take that responsibility seriously because we know you rely on us for safe, practical and cost-effective heavy machinery transport solutions. Check out the gallery of our heavy movers. 

Locally WA-owned, our business has built up strong long-lasting relationships with clients as their heavy machinery transportation company of choice, both in Perth and across the country. Providing professional, timely, safe, and cost-effective haulage and logistics solutions is a challenging but highly rewarding job – our business depends on it and so does yours. We take the stress out of the big jobs, allowing you to breathe easy as we sweat the hard work.

Email us for all your machinery and heavy equipment transport needs, or call us on (08) 9356 9799

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