When it comes to choosing a heavy equipment transport company, you should have confidence in their ability to get the job done securely and safely. For business owners, we understand how crucial efficient transportation of your goods is to your daily operations before you decide which heavy transport specialist consider whether they meet the essential requirements below. 

  • Cost

It is essential to compare the heavy equipment transport cost of different providers. Whilst choosing a potential haulage service provider, you don’t want to blow your business’s budget on heavy equipment transport. Cost is often the deciding factor between heavy transport specialists. Competition is high amongst heavy equipment transport companies, and as long as they meet your requirements, are reliable and follow the correct safety measures pick the one that fits your budget. 

  • Reliability

An oversize load transport companies in charge of transporting your oversized loads must be reliable. All your preparation will go down the drain if their vehicle is prone to complications or in poor condition losing you time and money. Reliability is more ensured if they have extensive experience and a reputable track record. Like any business relationship you should feel a though you trust the heavy equipment transport company. Have they been transparent? Make sure you check their reviews and testimonials on Facebook and Google to see how their customers felt about their service. 

  • Insurance

Any vehicle that is used in heavy equipment transport must be insured. There is no budging on this consideration when it comes to choosing a haulage service provider in WA. This is something not worth cutting costs on when dealing with oversize load transport companies. You will feel more comfortable dealing with a provider when you know in the rare incident of an accident your goods and property will be compensated. 

  • Safety

When it comes to heavy equipment, transport safety should be the number one priority. Heavy transport specialists need to handle your goods properly to remain in pristine condition when they arrive at your designated location. A transporter must know all safety regulations state by state on heavy equipment transportation and which permits are needed. An understanding of this is essential to not only ensure their safety but others on the road. 

  • Characteristics of goods

A potential haulage company has to understand your individual transport needs. An understanding of the different types of oversized goods you may be transporting and customizing to your requirement should be met by the provider. A heavy equipment transporter should be able to make a logistic plan and integrate different modes of transport depending on your oversized load. Again, to ensure the safety of your goods is upheld it comes down to the experience of the provider to make sure there aren’t any corners being cut.

At Hevi Haul we have been leaders in secure heavy haulage across Australia for over a decade. We have been getting the job done for our clients through reliable and trustworthy transportation of oversized goods every time. If you’re looking for an experienced fleet to transport your next load of heavy equipment get in contact with us today.


Other transportation regulations

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