When it comes to regulations for oversized loads, we know what you are permitted to transport and how we can deliver it efficiently and safely. At Hevi Haul we have been the solution to the delivery of oversized equipment for over a decade. We are accustomed to the rules and regulations of each state. We are heavy transport specialists. To ease your mind before moving your next piece of big equipment, please read below some information you need to know about oversized load regulations.

Hevi Haul follows the regulations for oversized loads under the Australian transport guidelines. We ensure the large shipment does not breach legal limits for our flatbeds and floats. At Hevi Haul we can carry up to 190 tonnes between our fleet and through maintaining open communication with our clients, we can ensure the regulations for the oversized loads are met. Our team will find solutions to any requirements of the load transportation like obtaining a permit to get a police escort, and any road closures required and traffic management.

Securing the oversized loads to be transported is a regulation (and common sense!). Did you know you can ensure a fine of up to $25,000 for not securing a load correctly? Luckily we have been operating with the suitable restraint equipment since 1999, and we know how to transport large equipment like the back of our hands.

Signage indicating the transport of oversized loads is not just to ensure the safety of other drivers but is regulation for oversized loads. All our transporting and supporting vehicles provide the appropriate signage detailed in the permit operating conditions we will obtain. This may include a sign reading ‘LONG VEHICLE’ or ‘OVERSIZED LOAD’ to follow oversized loads rules.

A regulation for oversized loads we strictly follow is the extensive planning process and project management before each journey. All our drivers are fully licenced and are experienced with the oversized road rules by state. Mapping our intended route ensures that we are prepared for possible delays, traffic conditions, hazards or restrictions.

We will always get the job done. If you have any questions about oversized loads regulations or need the help of a qualified team to move your equipment, get in touch with us today on (08) 9356 9799


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