Did you know there are a wide range of oversized load permits and oversize load regulations in Australia? Our team has years of experience working with oversized loads in WA and are ready to help you uncover what permit for transporting abnormal loads you need.

We fully understand and have obtained all permits for transporting abnormal loads across Perth and Australia. Our heavy transport specialists have an in-depth understanding of transportation and Oversize load regulations because we are one of Australia’s most trustworthy and reliable heavy haulage and transport companies, let us help you with expertise and precision.


How do you obtain an oversize load permit?

It’s not always easy to get a permit for transporting abnormal loads in Western Australia. There are over ten different types of wide load permits alone. These permits are broken down into three main areas which include single trip permits, period permits and audit regimes. To understand which oversize load permit you need to carefully consider the route, the material being transported, the job deadline, the travel distance and any oversize load regulations interstate.

At Hevi Haul, we know how to price oversize loads and can quickly and accurately provide you with a quote and help to get an oversize load permit including providing you with the correct abnormal load permit application. Often oversize load regulations vary in each state and are updated regularly. Depending on what oversize load permit you need and what state you are transporting goods from will determine what permit you need. There are six main oversize load permits that our customers require our assistance with, which include:


1. AMMS – Accredited Mass Management Scheme

The AMMS was created by the Ministerial Heavy Vehicle Advisory Panel. The aim of the AMMS was to make sure the transport industry had a lenient concessional loading scheme. The end goal was to allow more heavy transport specialists to access concessional mass limits if they have the correct loading controls on their truck.


2. Special Purpose Vehicle

A special purpose vehicle is for purposes other than to carry loads. At an attempt to reduce the ‘red tape’ for the transport industry The Department of Transport and The Main Roads have recently reviewed the special purpose vehicle permit and the abnormal load permit application. Contact us to discuss if this is the right option for you.


3. OMOS – Oversize Overmass

An OMOS vehicle is a large vehicle that is for transporting a heady unbreakable item. This particular abnormal load permit application requires you to know the mass and dimensions of the load set out in the gazette notice. Usually, this permit involves oversize load escort requirements as well as an application through the NHVR portal.


4. Tri- Drive Truck & Trailer

Our heavy haul trailer is one of the most efficient ways to move medium to large loads. This is a low-cost option that has an easy oversize load permit process. Our fleet is designed to make oversize load heavy haulage simple. We have some of the biggest tri-drive trucks and trailers in the country! We can carry loads of over 190 tonnes, up to 9.5 metres wide and up to 55 metres long. All our vehicles are serviced regularly, and we make sure your load is delivered on time, every time.


5. Concessional Permits

To transport livestock, you will need a concessional permit. This permit provides the industry with a new loading scheme, networking, proper infrastructure and flexibility in the type of controls used.


6. Road Train With A Long Trailer

If you require a road train with a long trailer, you will need to submit an abnormal load permit application. This type of transportation usually involves long distances and is sometimes more manageable if you are working with a strict deadline.

When you work with us, you are working with a heavy haulage company with experience and expertise. At Hevi Haul, we know how to price oversized loads and know all the oversize load regulations by state. We have worked across the country and have a strict focus on safety, personalisation and oversize load regulations. So, no matter what abnormal load permit application you need, contact us for guidance today.

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