When it comes to preparing heavy equipment for transport there are many factors to consider. Our team at Hevi Haul have years of experience and know what it takes to get the job done securely and safely when transporting your heavy machinery in Australia.

Cleaning the equipment

A low level of cleanliness can lead to many problems at the destination point after shipping large equipment with your haulage service provider, especially if you are shipping machinery to or from overseas., All cleaning measures must be completed as any risk to biosecurity is taken very seriously by the Australian Government. Preparation and cleaning requirements will vary from new to used heavy machinery but all must be cleaned to a ‘good-as-new’ standard. If entering through an Australian origin port the equipment will be dismantled and checked inside and out so be sure to clean the entire machine. Cleaning areas such as the oil tank surfaces, joystick controls, battery boxes and the track
frames are essential before transporting heavy machinery like bulldozers or excavators.

Safety checks

Carrying out the necessary safety checks to prepare your heavy equipment for transport is crucial before loading and transporting. Before any equipment or machinery is loaded onto the haulage, all dirt and
debris must be washed off the load before it is lifted and secured. Dependent on the delivery location, any dirt or debris that is found on the heavy machinery may lead to fines when you reach your drop-off
point. It is important to make sure a thorough clean and drainage of all equipment fluids has been done before loading. If you are unsure about whether something reaches the safety requirements contact
your haulage service provider to clarify.

Securing the load

Before shipping your heavy equipment make sure to check the tightness of nuts, bolt and knobs of your load to avoid any incidents while transporting the heavy machinery. We also recommend removing or
unhooking the battery. Always be mindful when travelling in the open air that the doors are likely to open suddenly in the wind. Find a way to secure the doors shut to avoid this mishap, either with the use
of cable ties or a latch if available. Ask your haulage service provider for tips when securing the load.

Protecting the heavy machinery

When preparing your heavy machinery for transport you must check it is safely secured to avoid any damage that may be caused during travel. Protection from the elements is something that must be planned for as damage to the equipment is possible. Reach out to a team member at Hevi Haul to discuss protection methods from extreme heat or rainy weather. We recommend wrapping up things which might break or are prone to damage during the journey. If the heavy equipment cannot be disassembled then try to cover any protruding parts for added protection.

If you have any more questions about how to transport your heavy machinery, talk to one of our Hevi Haul team members today. Give us a call on (08) 9356 9799 and let’s chat about making Hevi Haul your haulage service provider.

Other transportation regulations

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