Short guide to oversize load regulations for Australian heavy haulage projects.

All heavy haulage and interstate transport of oversized loads requires legal compliance, based on the oversize load regulations. Hevi Haul – operating since 1999 – has an in-house team that is fully experienced in transport legislation, and we are qualified to survey and apply for oversize permits.

Due to the interstate regulations varying from state-to-state, our staff are educated in the various legislations and what requirements come into play for Oversize Overmass (OSOM) permits, traffic escorts, driver diaries, the RAV mapping tool and much more.



The wide load regulations are for vehicles that are wider, heavier and longer than average. This includes the Heavy Vehicle Services (HVS) which lays the groundwork for ensuring safe, reliable and sustainable vehicle access to national roads. Wide loads are required to meet dimension limits as set out by the National Transport Commission. These particular loads are required to adhere to the following:

  • Restricted travelling at night
  • Require warning lights for all oversize vehicles on the front, back and sides – this is also dependant on the distance to be travelled, load project, size of the vehicle and load weight, combined.
  • Maintain a minimum following distance, as stipulated
  • Have a fully surveyed route mapped out before taking to the interstate

For further information, please consult our team who will provide you with a comprehensive breakdown on the oversize load regulations.

Included in the regulations are mass limits based on the axle group of the vehicle, load restraint laws and the C&E Legislation, which includes current or amended regulations that pertain to loading, securing and restraining loads, and the National Driver Work Diary.



In order to operate certain Restricted Access Vehicles (RAVs) throughout Australia, companies and drivers require permits that are issued by the Commissioner of Roads. Heavy vehicle permits are only granted once a variety of operating rules and regulations have been met. Due to the fact that overload vehicles require access to parts of national roads, which is based on varying load and transport conditions, there are several permits available to clients. To ensure the correct applications are submitted and all client transport solutions meet the strict regulations, these permits can be applied for by Hevi Haul:

  • AMMS – Accredited Mass Management Scheme
  • Special purpose vehicle
  • OMOS – Oversize Overmass
  • Tri-drive truck & trailer
  • Concessional permits
  • Road train with long trailer

Please contact Hevi Haul for more comprehensive information as to what is required for any overload transportation requirements you may have.

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