What is Haulage insurance and should you have it?

This article was published on: 16 Feb 2021

Haulage insurance is one of the most important things to have when planning your oversized load transportation. Without it, many things are at risk, and it is just not worth it. Let us run you through the ins and outs of haulage insurance and why you should have it.  

What is Haulage insurance?  

Heavy haulage insurance is for businesses or individuals who run or operate oversized vehicles. Haulage insurance will cover several risks that are associated with the transportation of these vehicles.  

Why is Haulage Insurance important?  

Haulage insurance will cover any risks that happen along the way with your heavy haulers. The biggest reason to get insurance is to protect the haulage fleet. Any loss or damage to the vehicle or equipment will be covered by insurance. It also covers the risk to anyone who is involved in the transportation of the heavy haulage. The deal will protect any third parties who may be injured in the delivery process. It is crucial to have all bases covered in an incident, so it is not something you can afford to ignore. 

What does haulage insurance not cover?  

Haulage insurance cover will depend on what policy you agree to, so be sure to understand your limitations. Talk to your insurance company or one of our team members at Hevi Haul to understand the essentials.  

Who pays for haulage insurance?  

When it comes to the payment of heavy machinery transportation insurance, few people are responsible. The vehicle operator, an owner-driver, or the company that owns the vehicle will pay for the insurance. If this is you, make sure you do your research. 

Commercial transport types 

Truck and equipment haulage insurance is something everyone needs. All vehicles and equipment types that we work with need to accept insurance as part of the planning process. We work with oversized loads, including:  

  • Prime Moves 
  • Couriers 
  • Rigid Trucks 
  • Oversized Load 
  • Low Loaders
  • Buses and Coaches 

Is Haulage Insurance worth it? 

YES! This will cover you if anything happens in the transportation process. It is much smarter to pay for the insurance beforehand, rather than forking out the money for repairs or damage after the fact. Some examples of coverage are: 

  • Truck insurance 
  • Public liability insurance 
  • Carriers transit insurance 

So, if you are ready to transport some of your heavy haulages but need help with insurance, let’s chat! Contact one of our team members today on (08) 9356 9799 to get started. We are a company you can trust to get the job done right the first time. 

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