What Do Haulage Companies Do? (WA)

This article was published on: 29 Sep 2020

Our team at Hevi Haul provide oversized and heavy haulage transportation services across the country. We are based in Perth, Western Australia, and we provide many moving services catered to varying needs. We primarily specialise in transporting large and oversized loads, providing low loaders for moving jobs, and come with a range of ideas and solutions for all your tricky relocating needs. 

What is the meaning of haulage business, and what do they offer?

The meaning of haulage is the transportation of supplies, materials, and waste, or the transportation of heavy machinery, like cranes or tractors. Most haulage companies have an extensive fleet of machinery that can be suited to your needs. At Hevi Haul, we have prime movers, flat top trailers, drop deck trailers and floats that can carry loads of over 190 tonnes that are up to 9.5 metres wide and 55 metres long. Our team provides services for heavy machinery transport, low loader hire, and oversize load transportation. Within the parameters, we can transport items like excavators, cranes, bulldozers, forklifts, road trains and more. Head to our website for more details and whether your heavy machinery is something we can take care of. 

What is the difference between haulage and logistics?

Haulage contractors often operate with locked-in contracts that they work for and distribute to on a regular schedule. The main benefit of this arrangement is that they will always know what they are transporting ahead of time. They have time to prepare what haulage truck will haul the oversized load and have the information on the size parameters and the drop off location. The size of the delivery will also be much larger than that of a logistics or courier who would generally deliver letters or packages. 

On the other hand, courier companies do not often have regular contracts like haulage contractors do. Couriers usually work off ‘one time only’ delivery items and they cater to a broader cross-section of the community as people use couriers every day. Couriers tend to delivery packages on a much smaller scale than haulage companies, and the contents of the deliveries are often unknown to the company.

Why do you need heavy haulage transport? 

Suppose you are planning on transporting some kind of oversized load or vehicle. A heavy haulage contractor will make that delivery easier. There are many different heavy haulage trucks to suit the needs of customers. If your large item needs to be transported, interstate or locally, life is made easier when you work with a haulage provider in Australia. Our job is to help you choose the appropriate haulage transport, load your vehicle or product, and safely transport it to your desired location. When selecting the right provider for you, ask important questions like how they safely transport items, what they usually haul, pricing, and their schedule.

Confidence through experience

Having trust in your heavy haulage companies is essential when choosing the right company for your job. Having faith that your load is being treated with care and will get from A to B is the most crucial aspect of this decision. At Hevi Haul, you can trust us to get the job done right the first time. Our three Directors have over 50 years’ combined experience in the haulage industry, so you know your equipment is in the right hands. We offer an end-to-end service here at our haulage company that includes:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Cranage, Jacking and Skating 
  • Traffic Management, Pilots, and Police Escorts
  • Road Closures
  • Road Surveys 
  • Obtaining of Permits and Liaison with Government Departments

So if you are needing a haulage provider to get the job done, why not contact one of our team members today so we can answer any haulage questions you might have. We will happily set you up with the perfect haulage service suited for you and your oversized load. Give us a call on (08) 9356 9799 or email info@hevihaul.com.au to arrange a quote or booking.

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