Why Is Route Planning Important for heavy duty transport?

This article was published on: 28 Jun 2021

In any industry, time is money. When it comes to heavy haulage in Australia, our processes and planning
are all in effect to transport your oversized load safely, efficiently and on time.
To ensure efficiency, the first step of our heavy haulage transport is route planning. Why is route
planning important for heavy-duty vehicles?

Mitigate Risk

When working with oversized loads and heavy machinery, there will always be an added risk factor.
Our team has extensive training and experience in heavy haulage and draws on decades of expertise in
the industry.

Route planning is also an essential part of our safety processes. We’ve found driving on unfamiliar roads
can increase stress for any driver – let alone one in charge of driving a 190-tonne load. By planning the
route beforehand, the driver has a better idea of what to expect before getting behind the wheel.

Avoid Traffic

Another advantage of route planning is being able to avoid or predict traffic patterns. Knowing the exact
route, our team can schedule the best time to leave, take breaks and the least conjected roads to take
with your heavy goods. As well as a safety consideration for our team and all drivers on the road, it
allows us to take unavoidable traffic into consideration when we give an estimated time of arrival. We
want to be as specific as possible with you!

Route Limitations

Our fleet can attract a lot of attention, and for a good reason. To transport large machinery, you need a
large vehicle to do so. Many roads aren’t wide enough to accommodate oversized transportation. As
well as road width, we need to take into account height limitations for any bridges whilst we plan a
route. No truck driver wants to end up stuck under a bridge, like too many have under the infamous
Bayswater bridge in Perth, WA.

Police Escort

In many cases transporting heavy haulage across Australia, we need traffic management solutions, road
closures or police escorts. In addition, when heavy haulage transportation goes interstate, it requires
legal authorisation
and licensing to ensure your shipment gets to its destination on time and with all the
required documentation. We take care of all of this as part of our logistics service.

Time and Money!

Through efficient route planning, we are saving two of the most valuable things to any business owner,
time and money! As well as the safest possible route, we consider the most time effective route to
increasing our fleet’s productivity.

Through route for heavy-duty vehicles, we are also saving on potential costs. We used less fuel, reduce the possibility of accidents, less wear and tear on the vehicles and have fewer insurance claims.

All in all, when trusting us as your oversized load transport solution, you can have fewer worries. We are
committed to being the solution for all your abnormal transport needs, no matter what it takes.

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