Interstate Freight Services You Can Trust

This article was published on: 03 May 2019

Are you looking to move freight interstate? Deliveries that span across Australian states and territories can be logistically complex, and there is a greater potential for errors to occur when dealing with different supply chains and jurisdictions. That’s why it’s essential to find a courier company you can trust.

What Kind Of Freight Service Do You Need?

The first step in choosing a courier company is to identify your own requirements. How quickly do your goods need to be delivered? Are they fragile or perishable? If so, they may require a specialised freight service in order to transport them safely. Another consideration is the size, weight, and volume of the goods being transported – this can limit the choice of freight services available to you. Once you know exactly what your requirements are it will be much easier to weigh the pros and cons of the various courier companies.  

Road Freight


Transporting your goods by road is a relatively inexpensive option, and can be used to shift anything from small parcels to bulk commodities. Types of freight commonly moved by road include wine, household goods, vehicles and parts, print media, waste, and mining equipment.

Air Freight

Air freight can be used to transport goods quickly over long distances. It is more expensive than road freight and is usually used to shift specialised cargo such as animals and pets, perishable and temperature-controlled goods, and extremely fragile items. Size and weight restrictions apply to the kind of goods that can be carried by air. 

Heavy Haulage

Heavy haulage is used to transport oversized and over-mass freight that can’t be carried by other means, such as construction equipment, mining equipment, and portable buildings. Heavy haulage comes with significant logistical challenges and may require special permits and traffic escorts.  

What To Look Out For When Choosing A Courier

The right courier company will offer plenty of experience, a great track record, and all the services and optional extras that your freight requires. Look for these selling points:

  • Express delivery options. Sometimes, your freight arriving late is the same as it not arriving at all. Make sure your courier offers suitably fast delivery and has a track record of punctuality.
  • Fragile items procedures. Does the courier have the specialised expertise and equipment needed to safely deliver delicate or perishable freight?
  • Safe transport and delivery procedures. Look for a courier that has a good safety record and is committed to the highest standards of safety for its operators, contractors and clients.
  • Online tracking and customer support. You won’t have peace of mind unless you’re armed with accurate shipping information and regular tracking updates.

Hevi Haul’s Interstate Freight Service

Hevi Haul has been transporting oversized and over-mass freight across state borders for almost two decades, and our services are employed by a variety of industries including construction, transportation, and mining (if you ever wondered who moves the massive machines and equipment used in mining operations, look no further). From obtaining the necessary permits to dropping off the loads successfully, we can take care of the whole process from start to finish. As one of Australia’s most respected heavy haulage companies, our clients know they can rely on us to get the job done.

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