How to Transport Agricultural Machinery in Australia

This article was published on: 06 Dec 2021

Agricultural machinery is big and bulky. In Australia, we have a lot of wide-open spaces on our farms, so we may not notice how big our agricultural equipment is until we have to move it! Transporting equipment of this nature can come with its own unique set of risks. How do we transport agricultural machinery in Australia? Agricultural machinery is a piece of heavy equipment designed specifically for agricultural tasks. These pieces of equipment don’t come with their own motive power hence the need to haul it to your site. 

What can be considered agricultural machinery and implements? They include:

  • Comb trailers
  • Feed out trailers 
  • Hay stackers, elevators, balers and mowers
  • Harvesters and clove harvesters 
  • Disc and blade ploughs 
  • Combines 
  • Air seeders 
  • Sheep showers 
  • Animal weighing scales 
  • Field bins 
  • Feed mixers 
  • Pasture toppers 

What kind of permits or licenses are needed to haul agricultural equipment across Australia? 

A license for hauling agricultural equipment is not needed, providing the haulage vehicle is licensed or operating under a valid permit. The transport provider will need to carry their licence documentation with them at all times throughout the transit. These documents describe the goods as well as outline the way they should be handled. 

What permits are needed to transport oversized agricultural goods?

Before getting in touch with a potential heavy haulage provider, it’s a good idea to know what kind of permits they require. The following permits are required for transporting heavy machinery in Western Australia:

The Oversize Overmass permit allows a provider to transport oversized loads on public roads. To receive an Oversize Overmass permit, you must have a licenced vehicle registered with Main Roads, be an operator, and have the necessary credentials. 

An Electricity Network permit ensures your provider is aware of the risks associated with power lines and transporting tall equipment. 

Lastly, you may need a police permit! The transportation of oversized loads often causes disruption to traffic and can block both lanes. The police permit required in WA is called the MR19. Please note, depending on your load size, you may also need a police escort. 

How much does it cost to transport oversized equipment? We have a blog post on The Key Factors Which Influence Freight and Haulage Costs and more information about the heavy haulage industry on our blog. If you’re looking for a trusted agricultural equipment provider, get in touch with us at Hevi Haul. Shoot us an email at, or call us on (08) 9356 9799 to organise a quote or booking.   


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