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This article was published on: 28 Aug 2019

The importance of choosing the right heavy haulage company for your business is similar to choosing the right team to help you run your business. Many businesses fail to make a good decision by going with the first or most affordable hauling company. However, there is far more to consider when choosing the right haulage company.


To help you in your heavy haulage transport decision, here are some tips you should follow to find the best haulage company for your needs.


Compliant with Vehicle Standards and Regulations


Any interstate and heavy haulage transport that carry oversized loads will need to be legally compliant according to the oversize load regulations. Since the interstate regulations vary for each state in Australia, it is important that the haulage company you choose are educated in these various legislations and requirements.


Wide load regulations are intended for vehicles which are wider, longer and heavier than  average. This will include the Heavy Vehicle Services or HVS to ensure the safety, reliability and sustainability of accessing national roads. Aside from that, wide loads will need to meet certain dimensions as ordained by the National Transport Commission. These loads should adhere to the following:


  • Travelling at night is restricted
  • All oversized vehicles need to have warning lights on their front, back and sides – which will also depend on the combination of travel distance, vehicle size, project load and load weight.
  • A minimum following distance needs to be maintained at all times
  • A full surveyed route is required to be mapped out prior to taking the interstate


To gain more insights on what they have to offer, you can talk to their experts who can provide you with a breakdown of the regulations. Doing so can also give you a hint of how aware they are to these requirements and how well they adhere to them.


Check for Company Insurance, Permits and Licenses


Any business today should have the proper insurance to protect its assets in the case of emergencies. The same is especially true with heavy haulage companies in Australia. That is why it is imperative that you consider the insurance coverage of one before you hire their services. Here are the types of insurance they should have.


Workers’ Compensation


A workers’ compensation insurance is required for haulage companies today as this kind covers their workers. Although broad, the term ‘workers’ can include full time, part-time, seasonal, trainees, apprentices and even casual workers. But this shouldn’t matter. What’s important is that all of their workers need to be covered with insurance.


Public Liability


This type of insurance covers a haulage company when it comes to liability claims of compensation in case a member of the public suffers the loss of property or personal injury within their premises. Although this cover isn’t compulsory, it is highly recommended that you go with an agency that has one.


Although it should normally be in the best interest of a decent hauling company to transport loads safely, accidents can still happen at any time. You can carry out a background check on the safety record of hauling companies you’re interested in. This will help you know how often or rare these instances are with each of them.


You should take into account the company’s volume when you look at their accident record, as you want to avoid those that consistently get into accidents. This will be a good sign that a firm is cutting corners somewhere which has led to the frequency of these unfortunate incidents.


Insurance is important especially in a haulage company because it helps safeguard you and your assets during transport. You can double-check the insurance broker of a hauling firm by searching the ASIC registers found on their website.


Offers Good Customer Service


One usually overlooked aspect is the customer service portion of a haulage company. How one treats you can let you know ahead of time how they will handle your shipment. That is why when speaking to them, you will want to look for signs that they can be trusted and value your business.


Transparency is crucial. If you get the feeling that they are avoiding some questions or give off a vibe of being desperate for a sale, be warned. You should also try and get past their sales team and talk to a person who actually works on the shipments. Since there is so much at stake when sending out shipments, it can truly give you the peace of mind knowing that the people on the ground really care.


Has the Capability to Provide for Your Needs


Another important thing to consider with a haulage company is whether they have the ability to ship the cargo you need to be transported. This will really filter down to a couple of things: distance and capacity.


Although you don’t have to worry about the specifics, you do need to think about what a company can handle in terms of specific load weight and dimensions.


With regards to the capability of a heavy haulage transport company, you don’t have to take any risks. A respectable hauling organization will give you a clear answer about whether they can carry out your requirements or not.


For those of you who are looking for an oversized load transport company in Australia, Hevi Haul is one of the best you can find right now. They are a comprehensive heavy haulage transport service provider that can provide services such as traffic management, police escorts and more.

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