What are the various fees involved in haulage?

This article was published on: 21 May 2021

In search for a heavy haulage provider? When choosing a provider for transporting your goods, you must look for experience, safety, and reliability. 

It is dangerous work transporting loads up to 30 tonnes! But with the right safety measures in practice, these risks are easily minimised. 

But in your hunt for your next haulage provider, we know cost is a factor. You’ve enquired about some heavy haulage and want to know more about what comes into the cost of transporting your oversized load

We want to inform you of some of the fees associated with heavy haulage to better understand the costs associated with transportation of this kind. 

Firstly, what is heavy hauling?

Heavy haulage is a company providing large vehicles to move stock, large machinery or other vehicles. It’s an industry that keeps Australia’s booming infrastructure and mining industry alive. 

What goes into heavy haulage costs? 

Of course, you need more than a heavy haul truck or trailer to transport your load. You need the brains driving the operation! Labour costs for truck drivers and heavy haulage operators need to be considered as part of any quote. The bigger the delivery, the bigger the team and the fleet will need to be to transport it. 

One piece of advice before choosing a heavy haulage provider, check their insurance. This is a high overhead cost a provider needs to pay, but it is essential to ensure your goods’ safety. 

We certainly don’t look forward to the time of year when it’s time to register our vehicles. No one likes to do it, but it is necessary (and against the law!) to not register any vehicles. Did you know in WA, heavy vehicle registration faced an increase of 2.5% from July 2020? Take into account how much a commercial truck registration costs compared to a personal vehicle. 

Registering our trucks takes a lot of paperwork and you’d be surprised how much planning is involved in organising heavy haulage. Whilst configuring the best route for transportation, permits may be required or a traffic escort with fees attached to them. A Traffic Escort Warden is needed when a load is wider than 5.5 metres and/or is longer than 40 metres. 

According to the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, operators and owners of heavy hauliers incur fees and charges for third-party services associated with vehicle modification, certification and inspection. Some of the fees are market-driven, whilst some are set by each jurisdiction. 

If an access permit in required, a fee will be incured for the application under the Heavy Vehicle National Law. 

Heavy haulage fees also take into consideration any packaging required for the transported goods as well as special truck licences, road tolls, truck repair, maintenance and fuel!

As you can see several indicators are determining the fee of your haulage provider. Since 1999 we have been a trusted and reliable provider for heavy haulage. Hevi Haul quickly established itself as a company that could get the job done. We strive to maintain our reputation, delivering quality and reliable services to clients across Australia. 

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