What is heavy haulage?

Heavy haulage transportation services are companies used to transport oversized or heavier loads safely. Heavy haulage has various levels that are based on weight restrictions – impacting the vehicle’s speed limit. It includes big trucks, machinery, vehicles, boats, mining and industrial equipment.

Why do you need a haulage service?

All heavy haulage and interstate transport of oversized loads require legal compliance, based on the oversize load regulations. Due to the interstate regulations varying from state-to-state, our staff are educated in the various legislations and what requirements come into play for Oversize Overmass (OSOM) permits, traffic escorts, driver diaries, the RAV mapping tool and much more.

What haulage services do we provide?

We offer a full-service operation to carefully engineer the movement of your cargo every step of the way.

Our haulage services include:
∙ Feasibility Studies
∙ Cranage, Jacking and Skating (if required, at origin and destination)
∙ Traffic Management, Pilots, and Police Escorts
∙ Road Closures
∙ Road Surveys (to determine bridge heights and other obstacles)
∙ Obtaining of Permits and Liaison with Government Departments

What heavy haulage permit is required?

Our team has years of experience working with oversized loads in WA and are ready to help you uncover what permit for transporting abnormal loads you need. We fully understand and have obtained all permits for transporting abnormal loads across Perth and Australia. Our heavy transport specialists have an in-depth understanding of transportation.

How to prepare heavy equipment for transport

Check your equipment owner’s manual for specific instructions on how to prepare your machinery for transport. Look for anything that might break off during transport and wrap it with bubble wrap. Levers, knobs or gauges, it’s a lot cheaper to wrap them than replace them.

Tips for preparing your construction equipment for transport include:
∙ Cover the stack. Prevent unwanted debris from floating down the smokestack on your machine by covering it before transport.
∙ Disconnect the battery. You want your equipment to start when you arrive. As a precaution, unhook batteries so they don’t get drained.
∙ Latch the doors. Doors will flap in the wind if they’re not properly closed. If the door latch won’t work, zip tie the door shut.
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Why is transportation planning important?

The planning phase is the most important of all. When properly planned, the exercise will have fewer surprises. In most cases, the planning phase usually involves having both the service provider and customer onboard.


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